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Parents with periodontitis drive the early acquisition of dysbiotic microbiomes in their offspring

Aurélio Amorim Reis, Mabelle Freitas Monteiro, Gabriela Martin Bonilha, Luciana Saraiva, Cassia Araújo, Mauro Pedrine Santamaria, Marcio Zaffalon Casati, Purnima Kumar, Renato Corrêa Viana Casarin

A Roadmap for the Human Oral and Craniofacial Cell Atlas

Human Cell Atlas Oral and Craniofacial Bionetwork, I. Sequeira, and K.M. Byrd

Long-term prognosis of teeth with class III furcation involvement

Peter Eickholz, Maren Runschke, Bettina Dannewitz, Katrin Nickles, Hari Petsos, Dorothea Kronsteiner, Bernadette Pretzl

Periodontal furcation lesions: A survey of diagnosis and management by general dental practitioners

Luigi Nibali, Melissa Shemie, Guanhong Li, Rachel Ting, Koula Asimakopoulou, Giovanni Barbagallo, Ryan Lee, Peter Eickholz, Thomas Kocher, Clemens Walter, Mario Aimetti, Stefan Rüdiger

Objective masticatory efficiency and subjective quality of masticatory function among patients with periodontal disease

Anna Greta Barbe, Simin Javadian, Thea Rott, Isabel Scharfenberg, Helena Caterina Deborah Deutscher, Michael Johannes Noack, Sonja Henny Maria Derman

Long-term prognosis of teeth with class III furcation involvement

Peter Eickholz, Maren Runschke, Bettina Dannewitz, Katrin Nickles, Hari Petsos, Dorothea Kronsteiner, Bernadette Pretzl

Systemic antibiotic therapy as an adjunct to non- surgical peri- implantitis treatment: A single- blind RCT

Yvonne C. M. De Waal | Tine E. Vangsted | Arie Jan Van Winkelhoff

Efficacia delle procedure di aumento osseo verticale delle creste atrofiche: una revisione sistematica e meta-analisi

Istvan A. Urban, Eduardo Montero, Alberto Monje, Ignacio Sanz-Sánchez

Efficacia clinica del lembo spostato coronalmente, con o senza aggiunta di innesto connettivale, nel trattamento delle recessioni multiple in area estetica: studio clinico controllato randomizzato

Cairo F, Cortellini P, Pilloni A, Nieri M, Cincinelli S, Amunni F, Pagavino G, Tonetti MS.

The association between metabolic syndrome and periodontitis in Spain: Results from the WORALTH (Workers’ ORAL healTH) Study

Eduardo Montero, Ana Molina, Miguel Carasol, Ana Fernández-Meseguer, Eva Calvo-Bonacho, María Teresa García-Margallo, Mariano Sanz, David Herrera

The level of evidence, scientific impact and social impact of clinical studies in periodontology: A methodological study

Ziyan Meng , Qianfeng Xiang , Xinyu Wu, Fang Hua , Weili Dong, Yu-Kang Tu

Dose‐dependent effect of smoking and smoking cessation on periodontitis‐related tooth loss during 10 – 47 years periodontal maintenance ‐‐ a retrospective study in compliant cohort

Andrea Ravidà, Giuseppe Troiano, Musa Qazi, Muhammad H.A. Saleh, Islam Saleh, Wenche S. Borgnakke, Hom-Lay Wang

Obesity as Predictive Factor of Periodontal Therapy Clinical Outcomes: A Cohort Study

Jean Suvan , Zoe Harrington, Aviva Petrie , Kalpesh Patel, Ulpee Darbar, Nikos Donos, Francesco D'Aiuto

Soft tissue stability around dental implants after soft tissue grafting from the lateral palate or the tuberosity area – A randomized controlled clinical study

Rojo E., Stroppa G., Sanz-Martin I., Gonzalez-Martín O., Nart J.

The Effect of Time on Root Coverage Outcomes: A Network Meta-analysis.

Tavelli L, Barootchi, Cairo, Rasperini G, Shedden, Wang.

Evidenza scientifica sui legami tra malattie parodontali e diabete: rapporto del consensus e linee guida del workshop congiunto su malattie parodontalie diabete della International Diabetes Federation e della FederazioneEuropea di Parodontologia

Mariano Sanz, Antonio Ceriello, Martin Buysschaert, Iain Chapple, Ryan T. Demmer, Filippo Graziani, David Herrera, Søren Jepsen, Luca Lione, Phoebus Madianos, Manu Mathur, Eduard Montanya, Lior Shapiram, Maurizio Tonetti, Daniel Vegh

The amount of keratinized mucosa may not influence peri-implant health in compliant patients: A retrospective 5-year analysis.

Lim HC, Wiedemeier DB, Hämmerle CHF, Thoma DS.

A 5-year randomized clinical trial comparing minimally with moderately rough implants in patients with severe periodontitis

Raes M, D'hondt R, Teughels W, Coucke W, Quirynen M.

The impact of motivational interviewing on communication of patients undergoing periodontal therapy

Kitzmann J, Ratka-Krueger P, Vach K, Woelber JP.

Long-term stability of intrabony defects treated with minimally invasive non-surgical therapy

Nibali L., Yeh YC., Pometti D., Tu YK.

Randomized controlled trial of the effect of periodontal treatment on cardiovascular risk biomarkers in patients with stable coronary artery disease: Preliminary findings of 3 months.

Montenegro MM, Ribeiro IWJ, Kampits C, Saffi MAL, Furtado MV, Polanczyk CA, Haas AN, Rösing CK.

Significance of keratinized mucosa/gingiva on peri-implant and adjacent periodontal conditions in erratic maintenance compliers

Monje A & Blasi G.

Time between recall visits and residual probing depths predict long- term stability in patients enrolled in supportive periodontal therapy

Ramseier CA, Nydegger M, Walter C, Fischer G, Sculean A, Lang NP, Salvi GE.

Influence of the keratinized mucosa on the stability of peri-implant tissues and brushing discomfort: A 4-year follow-up study.

Perussolo J, Souza AB., Matarazzo F., Oliveira RP., Araújo MG.

Loss of molars in periodontally treated patients: results 10 years and more after active periodontal therapy

Dannewitz B, Zeidler A, H Hüsing J, Saure D, Pfefferle T, Eickholz P, Pretzl B.

Efficacy of autogenous tooth roots for lateral alveolar ridge augmentation and staged implant placement. A prospective controlled clinical study

Frank Schwarz, Didem Hazar, Kathrin Becker, Robert Sader, Jürgen Becker

Incidence and pattern of implant fractures: A long term follow-up multicenter study.

Lee J-H, Kim Y-T, Jeong S-N, Kim N-H, Lee D-W.

Supportive peri-implant therapy following anti-infective surgical peri-implantitis treatment: 5-year survival and success

Lisa J. A. Heitz-Mayfield; Giovanni E. Salvi; Andrea Mombelli; Pierre-Jean Loup; Fritz Heitz; Estie Kruger; Niklaus P. Lang

Self-reported oral health predicts tooth loss after five and tenyears in a population-based study

Peter Meisel, Birte Holtfreter, Henry Völzke, Thomas Kocher